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We are a supplier and manufacturer of sucker rod rotator for sucker rod pumps. Contact us today for a quick quote.

Sucker Rod Rotator

Professional supplier and manufacturer of sucker rod rotator, sucker rod rotator for sucker rod pumps in oil field.

the best sucker rod rotator in China.

Long Life Time

Reduce eccentric wear and prolong the service life

Low Speed

Low speed and heavy load, do not affect normal oil production

Easy Install

Compact structure, small size easy to install.


Applicable to various types of pumping units.

Sucker Rod Pump Projects

second heading test

Clients who imported Sucker Rod Rotator

Your the the only real manufacturer of this sucker rod rotators. We imported lots of these parts to our projects.
These sucker rod rotators are of high quality for our oil fields. We also bought sucker rod pumps from them.
Sucker Rod Rotator professioinal supplier in China. We suggest you buy from them.

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